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Lucky Fund

Dunckel Veterinary Hospital

Lucky Fund

The Lucky Fund is a donation-based fund, and all proceeds (100%) subsidize veterinary care costs for pets with a good chance at recovery.  The doctors at Dunckel Veterinary Hospital assess each recipient individually to maximize both assistance offered and services provided. 

Criteria for Lucky Fund:
Must be an established client at Dunckel Veterinary Hospital
Clients have exhausted all other avenues for payment of services
Referrals from certified non-profit 501 (c)(3) animal rescue organizations will be considered
All pet must be assessed by a veterinarian at Dunckel Veterinary Hospital treating doctor prior to any assistance offers.
All treatments must be performed at Dunckel Veterinary Hospital.
Pets must have a treatable condition with a good long term prognosis.

Donations :

In office cash/check or mailed check donations gratefully accepted.
 Please make checks payable to:
Dunckel Veterinary Hospital, note: Lucky Fund.

Please mail donations to :
Dunckel Veterinary Hospital
 2048 S. State Road
Davison, MI  48423

Our Mission:

Our goal is to be concerned about the complete welfare of ALL pets that visit us.
To always be aware of our client’s concerns about their pets
To make veterinary visits with us so enjoyable that they look forward to returning,
To create a fun and productive environment for our staff that will lead to a great client experience.

The fund had currently helped more than 66 owners and their pets.